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Here is an update (Feb 2017) from Pump Aid regarding the donation made by MAP in memory of Don Neal, one of our committee members and trustee who died last autumn

Once again thank you for supporting Pump Aid’s work and providing the generous £500 in memory of Don Neal last November. MAP's support helps contribute to our core rural water supply programme and along with funding from the UK Government will transform the lives of a community in Malawi forever.

 Here is information about the village that MAP's donation will support

Bweya is a small rural village in the district of Mchinji in Malawi and thanks to your support the villagers  lives will be transformed forever. This village was chosen after discussions with the District Health and Water Authorities as it is most in need of clean water. Bweya is a small village of 26 households, totaling a population of 158 people. Due to its remote location the community have missed out on other water interventions and as the majority of these households rely on farming for a living this lack of access to water leaves them in a very vulnerable position.

The Pump Aid team have now visited the village to meet the traditional authorities and to establish a Water Point Committee (made up of the community members) to gather core materials for the project and identify the most suitable site to install the pump. The GPS Coordinates of the village:

Name of Village

Total Population

GPS S (x)

GPS E (y)



- 13.64085


I will send you a further update when the project is complete with photos and further details of the villages. In the meantime, you can read more about the water pump technology we use and watch a video of it in use, by visiting our Elephant Pump blog.