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Here is the latest news supplied by SEED Madagascar (formerly Azafady)             received May 2017

Project Malio

Given MAP’s generous support of our water sanitation and hygiene work, you might be interested to know that our extensive urban sanitation and hygiene project, Project Malio, is just coming to a close. We are completing our final evaluation at the moment, but here are a few initial results from the project:

  • Total household latrines constructed 799.

  • Total beneficiaries of these household latrines: over 11,000 people.

  • Throughout Malio 17 schools were supported to develop and implement sanitation action plans, and 11 schools were helped by Team Malio with construction/refurbishment of their latrines.

  • School WASH educational sessions at all 12 partner primary schools was recently completed on our hand washing, latrine use and latrine maintenance curriculum!

  • Project Malio precipitated the creation of the Fort Dauphin School WASH committee, in partnership with regional and district representatives from the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of WASH, and the regional Diorano network (for more information see ttp://  . We recently completed the second School Friend of WASH evaluation, and eight schools achieved Level 2 status, three schools achieved Level 1 status, and six schools had room for improvement.

  • We have continued support of the Amparihy Public Latrine (recent assistance with roof repairs, currently averaging ~80 users/day)

  • Another recent exciting event was our first latrine emptiers workshop last week, where 10 latrine emptiers from throughout Fort Dauphin attended a training session on topics including health and safety, construction tips, and communication/marketing. All attendees were provided with protective equipment.

Project Fatsaka

You might also be interested to know that following a highly successful pilot, we have just started the second phase of Project Fatsaka - an initiative to increase long-term access to clean drinking water in rural communities. While the project started last month, we are still seeking a further £8,238 of a total budget of £40,555 in order to ensure we complete the full range of activities.

Name Change

I’d also like to pass on the exciting news that Azafady UK has formally changed it's name to SEED Madagascar, effective from 19th February 2016. Our new name is an acronym of Sustainable Environment, Education & Development in Madagascar. After over 20 years of operations as Azafady UK, we felt that it was time to change to a name which better reflects our growth, vision and method of working. As an organisation, we’ve developed over the years to have an increasing emphasis on capacity building, working in close collaboration with multiple partners including individuals, communities & organisations, as well as the government of Madagascar. In this way we feel we can have greatest impact with our limited resources and therefore a greater reach in fulfilling our mission, which is ‘To enhance the capacity of individuals, communities, organisations and governmental bodies in fulfilling sustainable development and conservation goals in south east Madagascar’.


Under this new name our work in the UK and projects in Madagascar will continue unaffected as will our partnerships with funders and commitments to people, communities and environments in Madagascar.


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