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St John of Jerusalem Eye Hospital Group (SJEHG) was established for charitable works in Jerusalem in 1882. SJEHG are the only charitable provider of expert eye care in the occupied Palestinian territories (oPt), subsidising treatment for all and completely waiving fees for those who cannot afford to pay.

In the oPt, the rate of blindness is a shocking ten times higher than in the West, as verified by SJEHG’s extensive epidemiology study. As 80% of blindness is preventable (World Health Organisation), it is vital to provide the region with specialist eye care facilities.

To this end, SJEHG have established medical centres in East Jerusalem, Anabta (Northern West Bank), Hebron (Southern West Bank) and Gaza, as well as a Mobile Outreach team that travels to the most remote and impoverished communities in the region. SJEHG provide this care regardless of a patient’s race, religion or ability to pay for such care. In 2015, SJEHG treated 128,000 patients, which included performing 5,000 major operations.

Expert training also lies at the heart of SJEHG; training local doctors and nurses is one of their core objectives. At their Jerusalem Hospital, SJEHG have their Medical Residency programme and School of Nursing to train qualified doctors and nurses in specialist ophthalmic skills. Many of the doctors and nurses trained in ophthalmology are later employed by SJEHG and those who are not go on to provide expert eye care for their own communities. As said by Ahmad Ma’ali, Nursing Director at SJEHG, “We don’t just train for the hospital, but for the community also.”

With high levels of poverty and unemployment in the region, the only option for many patients is to seek charitable healthcare or go without. Restoring sight opens up many doors for patients, including access to education and work. As whole families often suffer from the same debilitating conditions, the impact of SJEHG’s sight-saving work and ethos to never turn a patient away cannot be understated.

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